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The Second Helping Society

Planned Giving

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Leaving a Legacy of Hope: Planned Giving to the Redwood Empire Food Bank

Welcome to the Second Helping Society, our legacy gift program that unites individuals who share a commitment to Ending Hunger in Our Community. Thank you for considering leaving a legacy gift to the Redwood Empire Food Bank. Your generosity has the power to create a lasting impact on the lives of individuals and families facing food insecurity right here in Sonoma County. By including us in your will or estate plans, you are ensuring that our mission—to End Hunger in Our Community—continues for generations to come.

The Power of Legacy Gifts

Legacy gifts provide us with the foundation to implement long-term strategies that tackle the root causes of hunger. With your support, we can innovate, expand, and reach even more people in need. Your legacy gift will help us:

Expand Outreach: Your contribution will enable us to extend our reach to underserved communities and remote areas, ensuring that no one goes hungry, regardless of their circumstances.

Fuel Continuous Improvement: Legacy gifts drive the ongoing enhancement of our programs, ensuring that we adapt to the evolving needs of our community and provide effective and targeted support.

Enhance Infrastructure: By funding critical infrastructure improvements, your gift will help us store, distribute, and preserve food more efficiently, reducing waste and increasing our capacity to serve.

Cultivate Resilience: We’re committed to building resilience in our community. With legacy gifts, we can invest in disaster preparedness initiatives, ensuring that even in times of crisis, families have access to the sustenance they need.

Photo of plaques at the Redwood Empire Food Bank that commemorate legacy and in memory of donors

Your Generosity Leads To Our Longevity

Many donors to the Redwood Empire Food Bank choose to make a long-term commitment to ending hunger by giving a planned gift, also known as legacy gifts.

When you give a planned gift to the Redwood Empire Food Bank, you automatically become a member of the Second Helping Society.

Whether you’re considering a legacy gift or have already included us in your plans, we’d love to hear from you.

A Heartfelt Example

John Martinez, a dedicated supporter who recognized the importance of tailored assistance, included the Redwood Empire Food Bank in his estate plans. His generous gift—5% of his estate—supported our innovative W5 Project, enabling us to gather comprehensive information about the recipients who rely on our services. This invaluable data helps us understand the who, what, where, when, and why of their circumstances, allowing us to fine-tune our food distributions and offer more targeted support. John’s legacy lives on through the lives of those who benefit from this personalized approach.

“I included the Redwood Empire Food Bank in my will because I believe in the power of understanding and meeting the unique needs of our community. Every individual has a story, and it’s an honor to contribute to a future where everyone’s story is one of hope and nourishment.” —John Martinez

Your Commitment, Our Promise

Join us in making a lasting impact by leaving a legacy gift to the Redwood Empire Food Bank. Your generosity will continue to ripple through the lives of countless individuals, providing sustenance, support, and inspiration. Together, we can work towards a hunger-free community for generations to come.

Take Action

Please inform us if you have already left or are considering a legacy gift for the Redwood Empire Food Bank through the Second Helping Society. Your dedication to ending hunger will motivate others to participate in this impactful initiative. Whether you’re contemplating including us in your will or estate plans, or if you wish to explore the profound impact of your contribution, our team is readily available to provide answers, support, and guidance. Contact us today to start a conversation that will change the lives of countless individuals for years to come.

To learn more about planned giving options at the Redwood Empire Food Bank, please contact Paula Handelman by phone at 707-523-7900 ext. 120, or by email at

Whether you’re considering a legacy gift or have already included us in your plans, we’d love to hear from you.

I was embarrassed to come

“You know, I was really embarrassed to have to come with my mom to pick up food here. I thought it was only something really poor people do. But I saw so many of my friends the first day we came. I realized it wasn’t just my family going through stuff. Everyone could be going through something and we don’t even realize it. Now when I come, I’m grateful we have this available to us. So thank you for keeping me with food in the fridge every week. You’re cool.”

—Teen at a school site in Petaluma, CA

Young girl on her bicycle with a box on the back to hold groceries from the food bank