Major Food Donors

Major food donors nourish our community by providing quality food products, which enhance REFB food distributions.

The REFB acquires and distributes over 15 million pounds of diverse, culturally appropriate foods, staple pantry items, and fresh, nutrient-rich produce annually. The majority of donated food comes from regional and national manufacturers, retailers, and farmers through our affiliation with other food banks and Feeding America.

Oroweat is currently our largest local food donor, donating over 800,000 pounds of premium fresh breads!

How do I become a food donor?

Reduce food waste, save costs, generate corporate goodwill, and make a difference in the lives of 82,000 of our neighbors facing food insecurity. For more information about how to become a food donor, please contact Steve Armstrong, REFB Director of Operations & Logistics, at 707-523-7900 ext. 119 or via email at

The REFB sincerely thanks all our major food donors who share our commitment to ending hunger in our community. Special thanks to the food donors who helped feed our neighbors in need last year:

Major Food Donors 50,000+ Pounds

Additional Local and National Food Donors

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