Join us in Setting in the Table for our Sonoma County Neighbors in Need


Set the Table Program

With more people than ever before facing hunger, it is vital that we ensure there is room at the table to help everyone in need of food assistance. Will you voice your support for the REFB by making a donation today and encouraging your friends and family to help us Set the Table?

If we all join together, we know that we can make sure there is a spot at the table for each of our neighbors facing hunger.

Thank you.

Need extra Set the Table postcards to encourage friends to join the REFB family?  Email and we’ll send them your way.


Donate Now

Email Friends & Post to Social Media

Utilize REFB pre-drafted language in emails and in social media posts to help reach more of your friends and family members. Personalize your messages with a note about why you support the REFB and ask your social networks to show their support as well.

Set the Table Language

Download the Set the Table Postcard

Want to send the postcard electronically to your friends and family? Download it here and send it in an email!

Set the Table Postcard


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