Kitchen Collective

The Kitchen Collective allows the REFB to transform donated ingredients into complex, nutritious, seasonal entrées for low-income seniors and families throughout Sonoma County. Under the leadership of our creative chef, Don Nolan, several groups of dedicated volunteers gather Monday through Friday to combine fresh produce, staple foods, proteins and whole grains, to create wholesome and delicious heat-and-serve meals for our neighbors in need.

Program Impact

The REFB’s Kitchen Collective has not merely increased food access, but improved nutritional intake. Many low-income seniors struggling with food insecurity face decreased mobility and physical and mental disabilities, which can inhibit preparing home cooked meals. Low-income working families often have more than one low-wage job, leaving little time to prepare a nutritious meal. Poverty, time constraints, and fatigue create barriers to eating healthy. The Kitchen Collective program removes these barriers.

Community Reach

Currently, we cook, package, freeze and distribute 4,000 entrées per month to more than 600 low-income seniors and more than 250 low-income families.

How You Can Help

The distribution of hand-crafted entrées, created by blending simple, fresh donated ingredients, contributes to a thriving, food secure community. By donating to the Kitchen Collective program, you are supporting a vision of a healthier and more hopeful Sonoma County.


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