School Pantry

Each week, when parents pick-up their children at one of the ten School Pantry sites, they receive 25-30 pounds of nutritious food including seasonal bounties of produce, staple foods, and perishable and non-perishable protein. Nutrition education is a key component of the School Pantry program, and REFB staff, volunteers, and interns work together to develop creative preparation tips to encourage children to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. School Pantry is open to all families with children enrolled at nine high-need elementary schools in Sonoma County, and one high-need elementary school in Lake County.

Program Impact

Thousands of children in our region live with the uncertainty of when they will eat their next meal, while their parents struggle to provide ample nourishment to support their healthy development. The School Pantry program alleviates childhood hunger and bolsters nutritional intake by providing consistent access to fresh, vitamin-dense foods, which fuel growing bodies and active minds.

Community Reach

School Pantry sites are strategically located at high-need schools in Sonoma and Lake Counties. School Pantry serves roughly 2,200 children and their families every week of the program.

How You Can Help

As a direct result of your generous support, we are increasing the provision of help to the many families we serve. Together, we are ending childhood hunger and ensuring all members of our community have access to the nutritious foods needed to thrive.


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