Megan Furth Harvest Pantry

The Megan Furth Harvest Pantry (MFHP) provides fresh fruits and vegetables to pregnant women and families with children 0-6 years of age from a mobile pantry, which travels to high-need sites throughout Sonoma County. Every week at eight locations, the MFHP helps reduce the incidence of hunger and childhood anemia by pairing produce rich in iron and vitamin C and healthy staple foods with nutrition education for low-income families with young children.

Program Impact

When the MFHP was initiated in 2004, rates of childhood iron deficiency anemia in Sonoma County were some of the highest in the state. Since then, the program has specifically addressed family well-being and the diet-related health conditions of obesity and anemia. With increased access to vitamin-rich foods and health education, the REFB is removing barriers standing between families and nutrition to ensure children grow up strong.

Community Reach

The Megan Furth Harvest Pantry serves an average of 342 pre-school children a week in low-income neighborhoods throughout Sonoma County, supporting an average of 386 families in our community.

How You Can Help

Providing access to fresh, healthy foods with nutrition education helps cultivate a healthier community.  With your generous support of the MFHP, we can expand access to nutritious food in Sonoma County, and ensure all of our neighbors have the opportunity to thrive.


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