The REFB’s School Pantry Program Has Expanded to Roseland Elementary

REFB School Pantry food distribution sites will open at high-need elementary schools throughout Sonoma County in September, distributing fresh produce and staple grocery items to families with children enrolled in the schools. This is another exciting year for the program. Lat year, the REFB recently opened a vital new food distribution site in Lake County, significantly expanding our reach to low-income families in our region. The new East Lake Elementary School distribution site ensures at-risk children in the Lower Lake community have weekly access to the nutrition they need to grow and learn throughout the academic year.

This year, we will see a similarly exciting expansion. The REFB has received a $50,000 grant from the Morgan Stanley Foundation to fund its School Pantry program, a child hunger initiative that helps ensure low-income families have a readily accessible source of nutritious food to prepare well balanced meals at home. This generous funding will allow the REFB to expand the School Pantry program to a new program site, located at Roseland Elementary, and help sustain eight existing sites in Sonoma County.

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The Roseland Elementary School Pantry site launched thanks to a generous grant from the Morgan Stanley Foundation.

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