Born and raised in Sonoma County, I am proud to live, work and raise my children in this community. I appreciate that my education and career path in the nonprofit sector has led me to the Redwood Empire Food Bank. It is the work of our community, with a daily goal of doing better, doing more and giving to those who need a bit of help, a smile and someone to share their story.

Allison Goodwin
Director of Programs

Senior Programs Manager
Itzul Gutierrez

Senior Programs Manager
Kris Richmond

Lead Programs Coordinator
Olivia Barajas

Lead Programs Coordinator
Juana Renovato

Children's Programs Coordinator
Monse Calderon

Harvest Pantry Coordinator
Jorge Delgado

Kitchen Collective Chef
Don Nolan

Partner Development & Support Manager
Kim Caffrey

Partner Development & Support Coordinator
Lina Hernandez

Food Connections Manager
Maria Fuentes

Food Connections Coordinator
Rigoberto Morales Mendoza

Food Connections Navigator
Nina Rodriguez

Community Marketplace Clerk
Sean Carey

Value Market Cashier
Olga Castillo

Value Market Cashier
Angie Ortega

Value Market Cashier
Alondra Ortiz

Value Market Cashier
Josie Ortiz

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