Over twenty years ago, I stepped into a food bank for the very first time. When asked why I was there, I replied that I wasn't there to feed hungry people. I said I was there to work hard, and if hungry people benefited, then it would be a job well done. The interviewer replied, "Good."

I still embrace the idea of working hard, but I would no longer answer the question in the same way. I have come to believe that it is a privilege to help people in need. I believe that in many ways we owe a debt of gratitude to many of the people who turn to us for help, as they are the people who care for our children, tend to our homes, serve us meals, work our land, and help our parents age with dignity.

Finally, there is one belief that I hold above all others - People are in need for one of two reasons, decisions they have made or circumstances beyond their control. In either case, hunger cannot be the price they pay.

David Goodman
Chief Executive Officer


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